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playing videos - first time, not working - couple of stupid questions

Started by banddood, February 03, 2020, 04:34:59 PM

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I'm trying this for the first time. I have attached mp4s to about 5 songs on the web based part of bandhelper, and they all show up under Documents. I'm using the download manually option.

1. WHen I hit the download button (within Documents) on my ipad nothing seems to happen.
2. I set Start Video as a song selection action on my layout and when I get to the song nothing is happening either.

Does the Play video function just work with external displays (I dont have one hooked up)  and is there any way to tell if my files have actually downloaded ?

I am at 4.1 and figure I must be doing something stupid.



As I replied to your help ticket, the Copy To Devices Manually option means the file will not be synced through BandHelper at all. You'l have to copy it directly to your device from a cloud service, through a USB cable, AirDrop, etc.


I think I understand that part now. I have confirmed that I have the mp4s on my ipad and everything looks as it should in the documents screen.
I'll just wait for your updates on my trouble ticket.

By the way I really like your enhancement to the Midi Presets display showing us what songs it is being used on. VERY helpful.