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Calendar update not accurate

Started by themetallikid, February 12, 2020, 08:31:11 AM

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Ok, so my guys all use google calendar to let BH transfer our dates into an all in one visual with our home lives.

However, there are dates that seem to not want to update or show correctly.  There are dates that are also not reflected on website vs app as well. Not sure if there is a lag when updating in the app. 

I looked online and see the code to paste into google calendar, and also a widget link... what is the widget link used for too?


There shouldn't be a lag when updating the BandHelper app, but Google Calendar can take up to two days to update.

If you see incorrect or missing data, please submit a help ticket.

Documentation for the website widget is here:


its late for me, where do I submit a ticket from? lol....