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Can I create a set list from a smart list?

Started by dawnpgeo, February 20, 2020, 06:15:02 AM

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Is it possible to copy songs from a smart list to a set list? I am filtering with a smart list and I would like to copy all filtered songs to a set list so I can rearrange the order.



No, but that's on my wish list and I can add a vote for you.

Meanwhile, on the set list's Add Songs page, you can enter a search term to do a basic filtering of the list, then select from the remaining songs to add them.


I would like to add a vote for that feature.  In addition, or, maybe, more specifically, when adding songs to a set list, I'd like the option to be able to choose songs from a specific Smart List (so, for example, if I am looking to add Irish songs to a particular set list, I would like to be able to easily choose from among the songs I tagged as Irish, and that appear in my Irish Songs Smart List, rather than having to exit, go check my Smart list, and then go back to editing the Set List).



If your "Irish Songs" smart list only uses one criteria for filtering, like a custom field or tag containing the text "Irish", then you can easily do that same filtering using the search field in the Add Songs popup window.


I'd like to renew this topic to ask if you are still considering either adding a feature to be able to create a set list from a smart list or, what I'd like even better, to be able to choose songs from a Smart List instead of a Set list when adding songs to a Set List.  This is a feature I have often wanted (some of my Smart Lists do not use a single criteria for filtering, and in any event, I'd find it much easier to add from a Smart List rather than having to scroll down a list of applicable tabs).   Thanks for your consideration!