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Bandmember permissions

Started by Erawal, October 05, 2021, 10:19:29 PM

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Hi, I am having some trouble figuring out how much control I can give a bandmember without giving them full access to edit and delete everything in my Bandhelper account.  Please forgive me if this should be obvious - I have not really had a bandmember before who wanted to do more than just look at the songs I added to the project they are on. 

Here is my scenario:  On my Bandhelper account, I have created three projects:
  1.   One of the "projects" is really just my entire Bandhelper universe -- it contains ALL of my songs, with the tags I've added, my lyrics, my  documents and some recordings, and some custom fields (like Banjo tuning).  I have many Smart Lists, Set Lists, and tags. 
  2.  My second project is one I created for me and my duet partner.   It is populated with the songs that I checked as adding to both my Project#1 and Project#2.  Some of those songs I sing with other people, as well as with my duet partner. In this project, I've added some custom fields for my duet partner to add her own notes.
  3. The third project is one that I just created as an experiment, named for my duet partner.  Here, I wanted to allow her to add songs that she sings solo, that she might want to share with me some time, but that we don't want cluttering up our Project #2 database.  We haven't started using this one yet.

I gave my duet partner  "Added Data" rights -- so that she can add songs and edit songs she has added, but can't delete or CHANGE the tags that I have entered in, or the lyrics I have entered in.   

What we would LIKE is for my partner to be able to do is:
   A. Add songs to Projects #2 and #3 and have full edit rights to those songs she adds;
   B. Be able to edit lyrics of songs I've added to Project #2, but to have those edits appear ONLY to the songs in Project #2 (For example, if she likes to flip the order of the verses when we are singing together, I want that to show only in the copy of the song that appears in Project #2; I don't want the re-ordered verses to appear in Project #1.  I suspect this might be what "Smart Copies" is for, but I can't seem to figure that feature out.
   C. have the ability to add her own tags, and for us to be able to create smart lists using those tags in Project #2. 

We just started experimenting with this, and are confused.  If she changes a tag in Project #2, does that change affect the song's tags in Project #1 (which she doesn't have access to)?  Or are the changes she makes personal to only her?  So far, we can't find a way for her to edit lyrics in Project #2 without affecting the lyrics of the song in Project #1.

I have looked at tutorials and at the Forum, but I am still confused.  Would appreciate any advice/tips.  THanks!

-- lnret


A. The Added Data editing level will let her add songs to her projects and edit or delete the songs she added.

B. Smart Copies only work with songs in the same project. To have a different version of a song in each project, you would need to make a real copy of the song, and assign a different copy to each project. But currently an Added Data user can't make a copy of an item they didn't create (adding that capability is on my wish list). However, the main goal is for her to customize her own lyrics, she can turn on Settings > Account Sync > Personal Sync > Lyrics, and then use the Personal Lyrics field on any song. In this example, she would see her version of the lyrics with the different verse order, while you would see the original version -- so this wouldn't work if you are singing together. If that's a problem, she would need to add a new song and copy and paste info from the original song to make a new version.

C. As an Added Data user, she can add her own tags, but will only be able to add them to songs she added, and will only be able to use them in smart lists she added. As an All Data user, you will be able to add her tags to any song and use her tags in any smart list.