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Repeating song select via midi going wrong

Started by Fritz, June 19, 2018, 03:43:20 AM

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I select the songs in BH via my Cymatic-Utrack recorder. It works like expected until e want to repeat a song immediately after playing it.
If I play songs step by step or mess around the setlist it works fine.
If i go back and load the layout again it works too but the pagenumber did not start at page 1.

It seems that in this case the selected song did not start from the scratch.

Is there a midi command wich can set the song or Bandhelper to "reset" the "songmemory" and aleways start the selected song  "clean"?

Thanks for help!


What exactly are you doing (you're selecting songs with incoming MIDI messages?) and what problem occurs when you do it?


I send a midi signal from my Cymatic-Player (midi number, song second selection).
On BH the setlist and a layout wil be startet before.

If I start the song (on Cymatic) the song starts and the doc opens and starts scrolling until the end.
It works for every song.
But, if I want to play the same song twice (immediately after first play) the song does not start again and the doc did not open.
If i start the next or an other song without "double play" a song (e.g. for rehearsal) it works.

After this "double-play" I had to go back to setlist and start it again. Song and doc starts but then the doc (text) did not start from page 1.
This happens only on the first ipad. The remote ipad works as expected.

If I start BH totaly new it works again until I restart a song twice..


Does your layout use both Song Selection and Song Second Selection layout actions? Does it include the song list?


The Layout uses only Song Second Selection for Start Autoscrolling and Open Full Screen Doc.
Song Complition for Close Full-Screen Doc and Show Song List (Full Screen).


Okay, unfortunately if you're using the Song Second Selection action, that only runs on the second selection, not any subsequent selections of the same song. Maybe it should also run on the 4th, 6th, 8th etc. selection? But for now, you would need to select a different song, then reselect the existing song, to trigger the Song Second Selection actions again. This could be as easy as swiping horizontally on your screen and then back again, or selecting a different song on your recorder and then back again.



With yesterday's update, the app now runs the Song Second Selection actions on the 2nd, 4th, 6th, etc. selection, so you wouldn't need to change songs and back again to re-run the second selection actions.

However, it might be better to reselect the song anyway to reset the auto-scroll timing, a recording if you're using it, etc. You can do that with a remote control action or you can edit your layout details and assign Reselect Current Song to a two- or three-fingered tap gesture.

All yesterday's changes are listed here: