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different sized/shaped documents

Started by andyhix, February 26, 2020, 07:39:16 AM

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Hi, I'm a total newbie to Bandhelper/Setlist Maker, and a forum search failed me, so here I am.

I both sing and play guitar, and have used a hardcopy notebook full of stuff up to this point.  For some songs, all I need is lyrics.  For others, I need lyrics+a chord chart.  Yet for others, I need to have TAB in front of me.  Some of those are one pages.  Others are two pages.

Ideally, I'd like to use my ipad in landscape view, and have the two page TABs side by side, avoiding the need to switch pages mid-song.  But when I set up my setlist for that, it seems to mess up the documents for other songs, namely that they get cutoff. They don't shrink to fit the document, and I can't seem to adjust them to fit.

Am I correct that all documents in a setlist need to be the same size and shape to display correctly? Is there any work around for this?  I was hoping it would work like powerpoint (for example), where there is a standard display window, but you can put whatever you want in there and zoom and position however you like, and whatever you do to one "slide" has no bearing on the others.  But it seems that every time I get one song displaying the way I want, another song get's messed up. 

I hope I'm explaining myself clearly (I'm sure I'm not!)

Thanks in advance!


Your documents need to use a standard page size (US Letter, or A4), but they can have any number of pages and you can mix one-column or two-column display for different songs.

Assuming your documents are using a standard page size, can you post some screen shots showing the problem?


I was trying to use photos as my document, just because it seemed much easier, but, of course they aren't a standard size, so I think that was the root fo the problem.  I eventually gave up and took the extra time to convert everything to a pdf, and I think I'm set now.  I have band practice tonight, and will give it my first official run-through in just a few hours.