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'Send Midi' Question...

Started by Zionplayer, March 20, 2019, 03:32:08 AM

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I had BH set up with 2 MIDI presets in my songs (1 for Axe, 1 for Light Scene), and on a 'Song Second Selection' I would automatically "Send Midi". Works like a charm.

I just decided to add a 3rd Midi Preset to each song (turn on Mixer Reverb). If I click the Midi preset, work as expected. Here is where it gets odd..

On my iPad, it will only send the first 2 presets on 'Song Second Selection' (doesn't matter which two - I rearranged to check... just the first two).
Thats not good, but here is the really odd - it works on my iPhone - sends all 3 presets. Just not on my iPad.

I always assumed the programming was the same for these devices?  Maybe not. Can anyone else confirm this behavior, or is it my setup somehow...

@arlo didn't think to try this until just now - on iPad if I have 3 presets it sends 2, if I have 4 presets it sends 3, if I have 5 presets it sends 4.  May be something to check internal?


Please submit a help ticket so I can look at your setup.


Did you ever get this figured out. I'm having somewhat of the same issue. BH > iPad > device1> device 2> device 3. It will send 2 PC changes per presets to 2 out of 3 devices. But not 3 PC changes per preset to 3 devices.  I created a work around by making a separate preset for each device . So instead of having 3 PC changes per preset I Have 3 separate PC changes. It makes for a lot of presets but it's the only way I can get it to work.
I checked the 3 PC changes per preset with a midi monitor and it all looked good but it didn't change the presets on all 3 devices. I have midi thru enabled on all 3 devices and channels set appropriately.


The only reason I can think of that one program change in each of three presets would work but three program changes in one preset wouldn't work is that when sending three presets, there is an option to put a slight delay between the presets (Settings > Audio & MIDI > Send Presets Together ... with Delay Between) and that prevents one of the devices from processing the separate messages correctly. Are you using that setting now?

If you remove either of the two devices that are getting their messages, does that allow the third device to start getting its messages?


Yes I have tried using the delay at different settings all the way up to 1 full second but that didn't help. Yes, if I take out the two devices that are getting the messages the third does work. I'm starting to think it may be the cheap knock off lightning / camera adapter. I may order a real Apple one and see if that works.


Can you take out only one device, then take out only the other, to see which device is affecting this?

The delay only applies when sending multiple presets, so if you are using a delay and splitting up the presets works, but not using a delay and splitting up the presets doesn't work, that tells us something about what the problem is.

I would guess that the Lightning to USB adapter either works or it doesn't, but I have seen cases where a USB MIDI interface didn't correctly pass through clusters of messages that arrived together, so something downstream from the Lightning adapter might be doing that.


I will try some different configurations tomorrow. I have rehearsal tonight.
The work around has been working but if I remember correctly it didn't matter which one I took out , only 2 of 3 devices would change presets when using all 3 PCs in one preset. I have BH set to change preset with songs. Also note worthy is when doing the work around with individual presets it makes a big difference in the order in which they are placed when adding them via song edit. If I don't have them in just the right order even the work around won't work. Most songs are set up
Preset H91 main ( device 1)
Preset H92 SVT ( device 2)
Preset Stomp Main. ( device 3)
But there is at least one preset that I have to set up in a different order to get device 2 to change. It's set up
Preset 1/2 step down ( device 2)
Preset H91 main ( device 1)
Preset Stomp Main. ( device 3)
The preset / song after this has to be carefully set up as well to get everything to switch correctly.
I don't understand it but it works
I have even check cables.
I have tried 2 different IPads , one older and one newer with the same results.
The only thing that hasn't been changed is the usb/camera dongle and the usb to 5 pin midi adapter. The usb to midi adapter is the Roland MK2 type also a cheap amazon substitute. It has lights on it that flash once when I send midi messages. I assume this is a visual aid to show that a message has been sent.
Also last night I connected my Morningstar MC6 to use as a foot switch to send CC messages. No problems there , works perfect.
I do not have anything entered in the LSB or MSB fields on the presets as I couldn't find anything in my device manuals about it .
Midi out devices
Device 1 - Eventide H9 Channel 2
Device 2 - Eventide H9 Channel 3
Device 3 - Line 6 HX Stomp Channel 4
Midi In device
Morningstar MC6 - Channel 6.
Thank you for your interest in a solution. Even with having to do the work around this is an amazing product.


I believe I have solved it.
I will spare you the long winded version of how I figured it out. But the solution is simple.
When creating presets be sure to use all 3 numbers in the program number slot.
Preset 1 - MSB left blank, LSM left blank, Program 002.
Preset 2 - ".               ".     ".              ".  Program 050
Preset 3 - ".                ".     ".             ".  Program 124
If you don't use all 3 values it will not work.


Well I take that back. Not working. It's something to do with running 2 eventide H9s. I have changed channels but it doesn't help.


Problem solved, it was a defective usb to 5 pin midi adapter.