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Program Change error in Setlistmaker

Started by DaveKeys, March 07, 2020, 02:18:17 AM

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I've just hooked up Setlistmaker for my first band gig since NYE. I'm editing a Patch Change Number for my Nord Electro 5 in MIDI on the iPad. For anything Nord the format is (MSB, LSB, Program). All my Nord Patches use Bank '0'.  I have a patch set on 0,5,2 that I want to change to 0,5,42. Setlistmaker doesn't like the zero under MSB, asking me to '...enter values between 1-128'. Aha, I hear you say, why don't you just go to 'MIDI devices' and switch the numbering to '0-127'? Well, I tried that, and it takes my hundreds of Nord Patches and offsets all of them, so that 0,5,2 becomes -1,4,1, and then the iPad can't select the patches.
I've been using Setlistmaker since 2013, and with the Nord since 2017. This is a new problem that must've arisen over the last 3 months or so.

Any suggestions?


Set List Maker no longer lets you enter invalid numbers; that's the only thing that has changed recently. Entering a 0 when the numbering is set to 1-128 was always the same as entering a -1 when the numbering is set to 0-127. Your values are always stored internally and sent to other devices in 0-127 format -- the 1-128 option only changes how they are displayed. So your data hasn't really been changed by changing this setting -- you're just seeing what it really is.

I'm guessing having the MSB set to -1 isn't really causing a problem -- they keyboard is ignoring it -- or you would have seen the problem in the past. However, you will need to enter valid values going forward, and I would recommend cleaning up your previously entered values at your convenience to avoid potential future problems.