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Smart list...list disappears after opening/closing doc

Started by Daddyg, May 05, 2020, 03:38:17 PM

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Over the past couple weeks, SLM has developed a problem where when using Smart Lists, Split view-Portrait, when I expand a document on the R side of the split view, then close that document, the L side list then comes up blank, i.e. no list of the songs is visible.  If I get out of the database, then back in, the list reappears, until the next time I open a document full screen, close it, and again the list disappears.  It seems to happen mostly in one database, but I've had it occur in one additional one.    I've tried rebooting the iPad, starting and stopping the app, and it just seem to reoccur. 

Any ideas of what might be causing this and how to correct?  I use SLM in 3 groups, now somewhat idle due to COVID....we've had to cancel 10+ gigs since this started.  It's always been super reliable so I'm a bit concerned if it continues to do this once we start gigging again.

Any help appreciated.


You can go to Layouts > [layout name] > Edit Details and see if you have Hide Song List assigned to an action like Song Selection. If that's not it, please submit a help ticket.


Thank you, Arlo.  That appears to be the culprit.  Not sure how/when I enabled the hide song list parameter, but this seems to have solved it.

Again...much appreciated.