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Possible to have multiple entries in custom field?

Started by thoseguys, March 30, 2020, 09:01:03 AM

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Hi all,

Question mostly for Arlo but if anyone else happens to know, that's great too. Is it possible to have multiple entries within one of the repertoire fields? I've set up an "Arranger" custom field for our project, and sometimes we have songs with multiple arrangers. Currently I'm including the arrangers with either slashes, semicolons, or ampersands, but Bandhelper treats the string as one single entry. Is it possible (or will it be possible) to have Bandhelper treat each of the arrangers as a separate item within the field?

The field reads: "Arranger 1; Arranger 2; Arranger 3"
Bandhelper can see:
"Arranger 1"
"Arranger 2"
"Arranger 3"

This would be super helpful when trying to create smart lists to sort by artist or arranger in which each song might have multiple artists or arrangers.

Thank you!


You could try using tags instead of custom fields, or try adding multiple custom fields (Arranger 1, Arranger 2, Arranger 3).