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BandHelper developer interview

Started by arlo, October 28, 2021, 08:22:29 PM

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BandHelper was featured as the App of the Day on yesterday. Check it my brief interview here:


I just got around to looking at this... good interview.  The one question I was curious about was if you had used any other similar apps that you could compare to be able to answer that question about what makes your app better that competitors.  You gave a perfect answer but I think if you'd used some of your competitors apps, you probably could have gone on for days.  The flexibility is huge but even something as simple as responsiveness.  I came over from OnSong before I found your app (which was way back in the Setlist Maker only days) and the first thing I noticed was that when switching songs there's no lag and the midi messages are all instant. It was a huge deal for me... as I got into it, I found it was just superior in every way and far more feature rich.



For me it, the ability to work in a browser and have it sync/ shared among devices was the game changer.  Also, just so nice to have such personal attentiveness and commitment to greatness from Arlo - how many other apps do you use where you talk about the developer/creator by their first name and not the company name?