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How to handle cancelled / postponed events

Started by arlo, March 17, 2020, 01:30:33 PM

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The coronavirus pandemic has caused practically all events to be cancelled where I live, and probably where you live, too. So the question has come up, how to reschedule an event in BandHelper?

If you have an event in BandHelper that gets cancelled or postponed, you can edit it, select the Cancelled checkbox, and save. This will do the following:

1) Send an automated notification to the users selected for the event
2) Fade the event on BandHelper's calendar view
3) Cross out the event name and add the word "Cancelled" in the website widget
4) Remove the event from the iCal feed; this should cause the event to disappear from linked calendars

When you have a new date for the event, you can edit the existing event and click the Copy button, then change the date and other details and save. When you copy an event, the Confirmed and Cancelled options will reset. Then you can repeat the workflow for requesting responses and confirming for the new date.