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Mac Version Now Available

Started by arlo, March 20, 2020, 06:52:22 PM

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As of today, the first-ever Mac version of Set List Maker is available:

This requires macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or later.

I'll try to anticipate some frequently asked questions:

Can I get this for free if I already bought the iOS version?
No, you must buy Set List Maker separately for each platform. Although porting from iOS to Mac is easier than porting to other platforms, it still took months of hard work to release this, and every future version update will now take more work, too. If you would like access to the iOS, macOS and Android apps plus a web interface for one combined price, check out BandHelper with its subscription pricing model.

Does this allow me to edit data from my computer?
Yes, if you buy Set List Maker for Mac, you can use the database sharing function to copy databases between your Mac and your mobile devices. This means you can add songs, type lyrics and build set lists on your Mac, then send the database to your mobile devices. If you'd like even more editing capabilities, check out BandHelper with its batch update functions and automatic syncing between devices.

Does this do everything the mobile apps can do?
The goal is to do everything the mobile apps can do, but there are a few current limitations that I hope I can address in the future:
- Layouts don't respond to two- and three-fingered tap gestures (seems to be an Apple bug).
- Playing recordings from the Music app or importing playlists is not available (not sure if this is an Apple bug or a permanent limitation).
- Inter-app audio is not available (will require rewriting the inter-app audio code).
- Multi-route audio is not available (seems to be a limitation of the iOS to Mac porting process).
- Supported document formats are PDF, JPG and TXT -- no Word or RTF files (a limitation of the Mac frameworks that I don't expect to change; it's more likely Word and RTF support will eventually be removed from iOS, too).

Will you be releasing a Windows version next?
Because Apple provided a system for porting from iOS to macOS, it was relatively easy to release a Mac app. The emphasis is on relatively, because it was not easy, but releasing a Windows version would require a vastly greater investment in development time, maintenance time, test equipment and getting to know a separate ecosystem. So I would say if the Mac version becomes notably popular, that could make an eventual Windows version more likely, but meanwhile the best option is to buy the Android version and use it on an Android emulator like Bluestacks.

If you have additional questions about the overall capabilities, you can post them here. If you try the app and run into a problem, please post a help ticket instead.


Stage Plot Maker is now available for Mac, too: