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MIDI Beat Clock accuracy

Started by Awash (drums), November 20, 2017, 02:11:30 PM

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Awash (drums)


I experience problems syncing the clock of BH with other gear.
At this moment I use a simple interface: Behringer Istudio IS202 (Ipad2).
I connected first a Line6 Pod X3, then tried a Roland XP-60, and wanted to try a Roland TD-12, but he died last night.

I've noticed that the Pod en XP doesn't reactie propperly on the beat-clock comming out of BH.
the clock send from BH is received - the tempo on the other divices change - but the tempo of on the other divice isn't consistent.

Configured that the tempo of the XP is set by tempo/beatclock of BH.
I used the arpegeator of the XP for this experiment.
The arpergeator responce because is takes over changes timesetting, but the 'beat' isn't correctly in time with the click of BH.
It's like a I guy playing a walking bass that's not in time.

Configured that the tempo of the Pod is determined bij BH.
The FX (like a delay or something) just wouldn't come in good sync with the tempo of BH.

The metronome is as stand alone steady
Tested it by running it together with the pro-app Tempo.
I asume that the metronome and beatclock in BH are 'linked'.
But why is the beatclock not steady?

The Pod and XP where not steady.
The same response as in a video I saw on YouTube where BH and Boss DB90 where connected.
Arlo, I think you know the video.
The tempo of the DB-90 is 'flubbering'.

I've been experimenting, but I didn't succeed in getting the gear respond in sync with the metronome of BH.
For me, as a drummer, this is essential.
I'm playing on click and want to sent beatclock per song to the Nord of our key-player and the Kemper of our gitarist.
So FX and other beatrelated setting are in sync with the time-setting per song.

Arlo, can you give me a direction to search for a solution.

Bertwin (awash drums)


Sadly I haven't been able to work more on this since this thread:,1484.0.html

I think using Help > Utilities > Use Old Audio Engine gives more accurate MIDI Beat Clock results, but I'll make a note to revisit this again for one of the next updates.

Awash (drums)


I understand you have to make choices when building and maintain such great app as Bandhelper. I don't know how many users use the metronoom and beatclock. So I understand your priority, and I'm a patience guy. Thanks for the response and hope it can be solved.



In the latest iOS apps (BandHelper 4.1.12 and Set List Maker 6.1.10), you can turn on Help > Utilities > Use New MIDI Beat Clock to try some new code. It runs much more accurately for me. How does it work for you?

Awash (drums)

Hi, I will check it within some days. Thanks for your response!!!! 


Not sure if there was an update on this that im not seeing. I was having the same issue with the jittery tempo using an SPD-sx. Tried using the new beat clock and the spd-sx didn't recognize the beat clock at all.


Can you submit a help ticket?