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Couple suggestions, maybe others have similar thoughts.

Started by themetallikid, July 10, 2020, 08:24:10 AM

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1) i play a variety of time slots ranging the time frames of 12 noon to 2:30am.  I would love it if there was a way to put in 9pm to 1am or 930pm-130am and not have it show on both dates of the calendar.  Like the calendar only looks at the start time.  Otherwise if i schedule a feiday gig from 9pm-1am, it marks a dot on the calendar (or in my google calendar linked to BH acct) where it looks like friday/saturday are both booked.  Itd be nice to know that saturday is still open without having to dig for it

2) im generally the one that delivers/sends out the posters, itd be useful (for me) if on the event creation screen there was a place to set some sort of reminder.  I know there is the reminder for days/hours... which is great for the weekly reminder, but i try to get posters to the venues the month prior and i havent found a great way to do that (was what i was working on when i created the other thread a out the app crashing).  It seems checklists will work, so if that is the place to set that type of reminder then i can work with that, but itd be cool then if in the event creation page there is a place to assign it to a check list instead of creating it and then going into another area to link it.  Id basically like a notification or alert on the first of the month stating these venues in this list need posters for the following month. 


1) BandHelper's own calendar only shows the event on the first day unless it goes past 4 am on the second day. I just tried an event running from 9 pm until 2 am the next day and it had the same behavior in Google Calendar (the web interface) and Apple Calendar (the Mac interface). Where are you seeing it display on the second day?

2) You can link contacts to events and then you can create actions for the contacts, and BandHelper can send reminders of those actions: The use cases for actions versus checklists overlap somewhat, but actions are more free-form while checklists are more structured. So actions are quicker to set up and use for discrete tasks like making a follow-up phone call, but checklists are more robust for a complex series of related tasks like producing a benefit concert.


Ill set up a gig and see how the calendars look.  Initially when i set them up i jist set the end time to 11:55, maybe thats something that has changed since i got in that habit, but ill experiment.  I apologize if i made up an issue. 

Ill play around with the contact thing, i dont always add contacts into BH as i dont use BH to message owners that i text/call, its done through my regular messaging or call apps.  So loading them into BH is redundant and up until the actions thing not useful really.  Ill try it and see. 


Ok i did add the contacts to my events, and saw where the actions are located.  I think that would work.  Visually for me and my intended use itd be cool to have the actions grouped by date, so if i plan to distribute posters on the 1st of the month for the following month, i could click on that dates action and i could attach events do that action. 

Right now i have it to display 5 (the most) actions on the main screen, but if i ever had more than 5 events that need posters (been averaging 7 to 10 a month) id only see 5 without clicking into the actions list. 

I get it, first world problems, lol...   its not a deal breaker, but it would be more helpful to me to have actions grouped by due date rather than event name. 

As always thanks for the help Arlo.  I got the app to stop crashing for the checklists issue, however a few times while creating a contact, specifically when pasting a phone number, it would just close out and id have to start over.  A few times i got the android crash/report menu, but most times it just disappeared i to the background.  Accessing it in the background brought it up, But lost progress. 


You could think of the shortcuts in the main menu as a reminder that there are actions to deal with. If you go to the full Contacts > Actions list, they are sorted by date by default.

Another reason to use contacts, if you include the street address for venues, is that BandHelper will show a navigation icon on the main menu shortcuts, so you can quickly pull up driving directions by opening the app and clicking one of the navigation icons on the main menu.