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Remixer app idea

Started by arlo, August 03, 2020, 11:08:50 AM

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Would you be interested in a multitrack playback app?

Yes, I would use this to teach parts to my bandmates.
17 (42.5%)
Yes, I would use this to play backing tracks on stage.
18 (45%)
Yes, I would use this to sell recordings to my fans in a new way.
0 (0%)
Yes, I would use this to give away recordings to my fans as a form of promo.
2 (5%)
No, I'm not interested.
16 (40%)

Total Members Voted: 40


I'm working on a research project involving some 1920's-30's recordings whose arrangements are hard to hear due to the primitive recording technology. I'm re-recording all the parts and want to publish them in a way that people can easily study them -- basically, a simple mixer interface where they can adjust the levels or mute/unmute each track.

I wonder if this could become new functionality within BandHelper, or a separate product. Bands could use it internally to teach original arrangements to their bandmates, or to play dynamic backing tracks on stage. Or they could use it externally to release music to their fans in a more interactive way, either as a free perk for their fans or a source of sales income.

Would you be interested in a way to share multitrack audio files with an interface that lets the listener play with the mix? Select one or more options above.


A potential use case for this:  Currently we (a duo that uses backing tracks) create 3 versions of most backing tracks:
1. The version used in live play (when we used to do that ;-)
2. A version used for member A practice (adding member B's parts)
3. A version used for member B practice (adding member A's parts)

2 and 3 are Smart Copies.

If it had an easy UI (and no latency or mix complications), a simple multitrack capability could eliminate the need for the Smart Copies and separate practice playlists.

It could also be used in live play for situations where some instrument or voice needs to sit out, substituting a pre-recorded version (or vice versa for a guest performer).

To make it easier to manage for these kinds of use cases, I'd prefer some method of marking sub-tracks as 'core', instrument-A, instrument-B, vox-A, etc., and then globally selecting which get played for the practice session or gig.  If selections could only be set on an individual song basis, then I think my current Smart Copy approach is just as convenient for my use cases so I probably wouldn't use the multitrack approach.


For my own project, I ended up building a simple, web-based mixer:

It would be harder to build this into a mobile app, but would also give more reliable performance (which basically summarizes web versus app development).


The 'Jug Tracks' is a very nice project you've got going!

(For my band I'd probably just keep using my Smart Copies as before rather than using a mixer)

Moon Dog

I would absolutely use a mixer function...its a great Pro idea. I also have some other friends who use Bandhelper who asked for this specific functionality...Imagine having a bunch of people dancing and being able to punch up the drum track....
it would be amazing.
Thanks for taking input from the field Arlo.
Moon Dog


I use separate track uploads to store and playback different versions of tracks for different formats. I might use a version with bass and drums when I'm playing solo acoustic, and without for the full band.

So I'd need this to have presets I could store for my pre-planned variations on the multitrack output.

I'd also need a metronome track--and the ability to hardpan the click and track into L and R channels, to be brought into the mixer on adjacent channels for separate routing.


Perhaps the funny bit is that I was unaware of Smart Copies until I started down this thread. This will help me going forward.

AAR, I often copy songs across projects - sometimes same song for solo vs duo vs full band. The solo and duo shows employ bak trax, in which case, the ability to mix could well simplify my organization. Though as pointed out by danray, this would benefit from presets or templates.

I'd like to generalize the request for pan to one of bus outputs and pan. Multichannel interfaces could benefit from routing various tracks to various HW channels.


I use Bandlab for this today. I record into Cakewalk and upload. It's free too.


Quote from: imfinlay on August 18, 2021, 05:41:22 AM
I use Bandlab for this today. I record into Cakewalk and upload. It's free too.

Thanks for the tip. I had looked into this originally and it didn't meet the requirements for my project (music owner creates the files and any public user can remix but not edit them), but it might work well for bands playing multi-tracks on stage (a public access option isn't needed).


For my situation there aren't that many songs that this would be useful on. And I already have plenty of audio processing tools to clean up and edit audio. Built-in "stem mixer" is a nice idea but I wouldn't use it. Why I voted no.


Just to make sure I'm clear you would build this right into bandhelper and create a button that could open and close this window?

This would be great even if it's limited to to something like the "Jugtracks" setup up you had linked to in an earlier post on this thread. 6 tracks, mute, solo and a volume slider on each track and then an overall timeline play/pause button and a restart.  I don't even know that I would need to see the the waveforms on each track although I can see how it would be handy. Simple multitrack player but all you need for learning parts and super cool for playing live to backing tracks.