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Live Sharing on iOS 14+

Started by arlo, September 21, 2020, 02:39:23 PM

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iOS 14 and later requires your approval to connect with devices on your local network. The first time you run BandHelper on iOS 14, it will prompt you for this approval. If you decline, the Select a Device window for the Live Sharing functions won't find any devices.

The solution in this case is to open the Settings app, go to Privacy > Local Network > BandHelper, and manually enable that setting.


Hi Arlo,

I have 4 Apple Devices I wan't to live share with another .
My Macbook Pro has to be the leader and an other macbook and 2 Ipad's has to follow.
now the problem is that my other devicess can't find my macbook. in fact no other devices if I try to make an other the master.
only if I also connect my Iphone and make it the master all other can connect to it .

it is all a closed network with a stage router and the "master" mac is on LAN on the same network.

you've written that in IOS 14+ you have to check Privacy > Local Network > BandHelper, and manually enable that setting , but ion IOS 15.3 is no Local network option.
do you have any hint I could try to fix my problem?


My iPad with iOS 15.3.1 has the Privacy > Local Network option. However, that doesn't appear until the first time you try using the Live Sharing function.

The most common reason for devices not seeing each other is that your router has a firewall function that blocks intra-network traffic. If your router is used only for this purpose, you can simply turn off the firewall function.

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