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New Version Numbering

Started by arlo, May 12, 2022, 01:28:34 PM

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The next releases of the iOS/macOS and Android apps will start using a new versioning system. Instead of semantic versioning (e.g., 4.3.9) I'm switching to calendar versioning (e.g., 2022-05-12). With this system, it's easier to see how old a version is and easier to compare versions across platforms. This also allows more flexibility in releasing new features as soon as they're available rather than waiting to bundle them into large "feature releases."

The main disadvantage is that you'll no longer be able to see the significance of a release based on its version number. However, you can always skim the release notes to see how many changes are included in a release, and I'll continue to highlight the most significant changes with bold text or headings.