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Started by dotonemanband, August 26, 2021, 04:18:52 AM

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Couple suggestions. Now that there are so many songs on bh I can see where it would be an advantage to have a search option (like the one at the top of this page) to find songs. I know that you can search alphabetically but sometimes when we need to find a song immediately it's a burden for everyone to find a particular song. With a search, it would be immediate. Can that be considered?
Another option that I'm not aware of if it exists, is to have the duration icon combine with the play icon so that when you press play it will automatically trigger the duration timing of the song. That way you don't have to press both which sometimes is forgotten when your starting a song and then realize you didn't press the duration icon. TIA for any suggestions.


1) You can click the Quick Add button in the set list view and then search for a song there.

2) Are you referring to starting auto-scrolling and a recording at the same time? You can trigger both functions with the same layout action. Please see the section titled "Layout Actions" on this page:


1. Not sure what the "quick add button" is. I've clicked everything I see when viewing song lyrics and not sure what I'm missing.
2. When I click layout actions - repertoire - layouts - edit details - at that point I can't see "song selection" on the list that shows.

Thanks for assistance Arlo


1) Go to Repertoire > Layouts > [layout name] > Edit Details > Bottom Toolbar Buttons and make sure at least the first three options are turned on. Then the Quick Add button will be the third button from the left in the bottom toolbar.

2) You need to look in the Actions section for the actions you want to trigger, like Start/Stop Auto-Scroll and Start/Stop Recording, then click those and select Song Selection or another trigger.


1. The quick add button is on ... it was already on when I searched for it. Here's an example ... say I'm playing "Achy Braky Heart" and decide to randomly play "Stand by Me" ... I know I can press the list song icon and bring up the list, go to letter "S" and search out 20 songs starting with "S" and finally get to "Stand by Me" I'm looking for a faster way to find "Stand by Me" I'm confused about the "quick add button" I don't see a quick add button (not sure what it's suppose to look like) when I'm still viewing "Achy Braky Heart" and wanting to search for "Stand by Me" That's why I was asking about a search window.

2. Yes, I'd like to combine the play button and duration button together ... so when I press play the duration automatically happens. Again, very confusing to me how to set that up. I've gone to repertoire - layouts - edit details - start/stop automation ... then the window comes up "song selection" but won't let me input a song or input anything other than when I click "cancel" then the window disappears ... that is what happen on the tablet view ... When I go to the computer view I can edit the "duration time" but no option to combine play and duration together.


1) The quick add button is the third from left in the bottom toolbar. The icon is a + sign with some horizontal lines next to it. Click that, then click the search field at the top, then type "Stand", then select "Stand By Me" and it will be added to your set list after the currently selected song and selected.

2) Instead of thinking of this as triggering the auto-scroll function from the recording function, you should think of this as triggering both the auto-scroll function and recording function from a common trigger. On the layout's Edit Details page, you can set both Start/Stop Auto-Scroll and Start/Stop Recording to song selection. Then when you select a song, both functions will start. Or if you want to select a song and view it for a few moments before starting, you can set both actions to Song Second Selection. Then when you select a song, you can get yourself ready, select the same song again and both functions will start. Or you can set them both to Two-Fingered Tap or Three-Fingered Tap. Or if you have a foot switch, you can go to Settings > Remote Control and set them both to the same foot switch message.