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When linking two devices: Does this work?

Started by Schulti, October 05, 2020, 06:34:27 AM

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Hey Arlo,

we are two musicians and using two tablets (android & apple). Unfortunately the android one is not able to send midi (no update for android 6 avaiable). But the apple one can do it.

So can we link our two devices so that we can do songchanges on one or the other tablet and the opposing one will change to the next song too?

And if we set up a midi massage on the apple tablet and we change the song on the android one, will the apple send the midi command out?

Thank you.



If you want to troubleshoot the Android MIDI issue, please submit a help ticket:

If you want to change songs on both devices together, you could use MIDI, but it's easier and more flexible to use the Live Sharing function: (second half of the page)