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WISH: Button for layout screen, to step through reconnect of Bluetooth Devices

Started by Zionplayer, September 24, 2020, 03:45:54 AM

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Hi Arlo - as I've said before, really appreciate your work. This wish was made once before but was buried in another post, thought I would bring it to top level. You have already clarified that doing an automatic re-connect to Bluetooth devices is a re-write of some built-in IOS code, and that's not worth it in my opinion. 

WISH:  A button to add to layout screen, that would automate the steps to reconnect multiple Bluetooth devices. Is a bunch of clicking each time I use BH for a show.  Works as is, just looking for improvements.

Thanks again.


You're talking about connecting to Bluetooth MIDI devices, right? I don't see a distinction between "automate re-connect" and "automate the steps to connect" -- either would require writing custom code to replace code that is currently provided by the operating system.


Stepping through what I do now - after clicking set list:
Click on Midi Button top of screen
Click on Connect to a Bluetooth Device
Click on first Bluetooth Device (wait for connection)
Click on second Bluetooth Device (wait for connection)
Click Back Arrow (on iPhone - I think iPad might be click away from window)
Click on Done

Was thinking one layout button that I could click and it would step through that for me would be nice. As I mention, not a big deal and sounds like I am the only one lazy enough to ask about it, just a thought on a repetitive task each I start BandHelper. 


Okay, there's nothing more I can do without replacing the iOS code with custom code, which is still on my wish list.


OK - I am not a programmer so have no idea how those things work.  Thanks for taking a look!