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BandHelper DIY footswitch

Started by Martin, October 18, 2020, 01:28:06 PM

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I'm very happy to have found BandHelper. It works absolutly wonderfull on an iPad during band rehearsal.  But i was missing something to switch the songs. So i started looking around for a footswitch and there are a lot of options out there. But then i thought, this would be a nice DIY project  8)
I always like to make and create things. I've been tinkering with electronics stuff, know how to hold a soldering iron etc.

After some internet searches i decided to use an arduino for this. So i ordered a tiny board with BT, Wifi and a little display on it.
I also got hold of two plastic and one metal footswitch. So i can make a three button switch.  ;D
At work we got a 3D printer we can use during off hours for private projects, so i'm also 3D printing a custom box to hold the arduino and the switches. I'm still waiting for a battery to put in it so it can be fully wireless.
This isn't going to be cheaper than a ready made bluetooth pedal, but i can customize it to my needs when i like by reprogramming the arduino. Also i just like it to be creative and make things.

I just finished the arduino code. I will update this topic with some pictures soon.


A little update:
The base is printed and painted. I'm going to assemble everything in the following days/weeks.
I also made some changes to the code so i can access a sub-menu by "long-pressing" the buttons.
This way the pedal buttons act like previous song-start autoscroll-next song in the default mode.
But when long pressing the left button i go into a sub-menu and i can switch layouts with the footswitch.
Long pressing the right button toggles full screen mode.
Long pressing the center button calls for the app chooser on my iPad. This can come in handy when i want to switch shortly to my digital mixer app (X Air).

When everything is up and running i will shoot some pictures.


I'm looking forward to seeing it.  :)


The 3D printed base with footswitches


A little demo of the Arduino ESP32:
Boot sequence:
Operation test:

I'm still waiting for the battery to come in so i can make it a rechargeable and thus fully wireless device.
Still have to build everything together, but so far it is looking good.....


Pretty neat already!

Looking forward to the final result  :D



I'm a bit further now. Testing on an external USB power supply for the moment because my battery hasn't arrived yet: