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Beta Testers Needed

Started by arlo, April 08, 2021, 11:59:52 PM

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With the slowdown in activity from most bands in the last year, I decided to rewrite Set List Maker and BandHelper for both iOS and Android, using more modern programming languages. Since I started these apps, the programming languages for both platforms have been supplanted by newer languages, which offer more streamlined development and more protection against crashes. Rewriting everything has been a huge task—the toughest programming challenge I've taken on since expanding from iOS to Android—but this seemed like a good opportunity to devote the necessary time to this investment.

The rewritten BandHelper apps were released a few weeks ago with relatively few problems, thanks in part to help from about 100 beta testers. Now I'm prepping the Set List Maker apps (iOS, macOS and Android) and am looking for beta testers to ensure a smooth transition with this product as well. If you would like to help, especially if you haven't resumed performing yet and can risk a few bugs, please email me directly at setlistmaker (at) arlomedia (dot) com.

By the way, the plan is not to make any changes to the apps during this rewrite, just to get them into the new languages to aid in future development. So your testing can consist of simply using the apps the way you normally would and reporting any problems you see.