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Footswitch Problems

Started by kayzenner, July 10, 2016, 02:56:34 AM

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I have a problem with a Footswitch (
It's an USB-footswitch an I can program every keystrock/string or mouse-action I want.
I didn't get it to work with Bandhelper.
It appears as Bluetooth/Keyboard in Bandhelper and I can see keystrokes ("recieved keyboard input xx") in the status-window. But when I program the switch to use "right/space/left" and assign it to remotecontrol-actions it didn't work at all.

So what do I have to program to the switch, that it works with Bandhelper correctly?

Thanx for your help.


Papa John

Did you ever get this to work?


It should work if you program the foot switch to send up/down/left/right arrow messages, then assign those messages to the desired actions on the Settings > Remote Control page in Set List Maker.