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Author Topic: Is „Let other apps play audio in background“ possible over all databases?  (Read 4447 times)


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Hi Arlo, hi folks,

I have just realized that when I‘d like to watch a youtube video minimized and simultanously look at my song sheets in Set List Maker, I need to have activated the audio setting Let other apps play audio in background. So far so good, but when I switch to another database, I need to activate this setting there as well, otherwise the video stops. As I am in several bands or music projects, I cannot put all songs in one database. Is there a possibility to activate this setting in one step valid for all databases?
I use SLM actual version on iPad mini latest model, I guess 5.

Happy new year to all of you, stay healthy everybody. cheers from Germany


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No, sorry, the settings are separate for each database, so you'll have to turn that setting on for each database.