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SetlistMaker... Send patches to Fishman Tripleplay controller

Started by Bill Parker, February 08, 2021, 01:08:35 PM

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Bill Parker

New to MiDi: Has anyone sent any patch changes to a Fishman Tripleplay midi guitar controller?  I would like to select the midi instrument or combo for the song when selected in the setlist app.
        FTP documentation for receiving midi is almost non existant. There is a ton of messages revealed by the midi wrench app, but because I am new to midi, most of it isn't making sense.  It is hard to fill in the midi message info when FTP doesn't use the same terminology.

Max Headroom


Sorry didnt see this sooner - you've probably figured it out by now!  lol

But if not - I use a Fishman live with Setlist maker on iPad regularly - happy to give advice if required.