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Automation: "Scroll to position"

Started by greiswig, February 17, 2021, 11:25:06 AM

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I'm getting confused about how to use this feature. If I try to manually guess at where it should go, I'm seeing pixel-level scrolling, I guess. Coarse and Fine adjustments both default to 0 px. But if I try to record something scrolling to a position (not easy, because it goes in steps!), and then edit the automation, it is referring to lines.

Lines are much more useful, IMO. But Is there a reason for this inconsistency?

Also, instead of "fine/coarse," could we maybe get the units listed? It varies so much between menus, and I realize it's easier to just use that pair of words. But it is confusing.


Here are the automation track options:

Scroll Document To Position
- used for documents when dragging the document or using the hotspots
- unit is pixels (it says "px" next to the numbers); coarse setting moves 100 pixels at a time

Scroll Document To Page
- used for documents when stepping through markers or using the Next/Previous Page remote control actions
- used for lyrics when stepping through markers or using a 2-column display
- unit is pages

Scroll Lyrics To Line
- used for lyrics when dragging the lyrics or double-clicking to highlight a line
- unit is lines

Does that help?


This helps a little, I guess.

But I gather that I can't do something that I'm trying to do: stop autoscroll at a certain line? I have to set that stop up via time, not line position?


No, you can't program an automation track to stop based on the scroll position or lyrics line. However, you can add markers to a document or lyrics and then either manually step through the markers with a foot switch, or record an automation track that jumps from one marker to another at the desired times.