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Chauvet BTair app integration?

Started by AcoustiCafe, April 09, 2021, 08:37:41 AM

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Hi folks,
I was just reading about Chauvet's new BTair app, which is a bluetooth control app for their Chauvet EZ Link bluetooth fixtures. Seems like a great fit for small bands like mine or if you want to save a lot of wiring/setup time, especially if you're new to lighting (again, like us).

I'm wondering if anyone knows if we could control this with MIDI presets or otherwise from Bandhelper? I currently have my acoustic pedalboard (TC Electronics G-Natural) controlled via MIDI from my iPad with a USB/Lighting adapter to auto-recall whatever guitar preset I want for a given song and it's a huge timesaver live. I was looking into using the MIDI loop through from my pedalboard to add control of my Chauvet Foot C-2 as well, with Donner wireless DMX for our 4 Chauvet Color Splash Jrs. However, this BTair/Bluetooth fixture setup would be even quicker to setup and less clutter being controlled via an app instead of a foot controller, although Chauvet also has a $40 low profile Bluetooth foot controller for the app/lights as well. Bandhelper control of the app would be that much sweeter, though.




Maybe someone else has direct experience with this, but I just looked up the app user manual and it doesn't mention MIDI anywhere: