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PDF document, remove page breaks in BandHelper

Started by POJ1, April 27, 2021, 07:19:14 PM

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I'm using PDF documents for my lyrics, easy to edit on my laptop.
Is there a way to make a PDF document a "continuous" document, without the black page breaks so I can set my scroll times better?

My PDF is continuous..

Thanks for any help!!



You can't eliminate that small gap between pages, but you can minimize the margins in whatever program you're creating the documents in.


Actually, I think I found the solution.
I was creating my lyrics/chord sheets in Word, then printing as a PDF.

Seems BandHelper will let you upload the Word document directly.
I made my Word document in WEB LAYOUT view, so there aren't any page breaks.

Comes out as one long document, you can add line breaks where needed to space out lyrics for auto scroll.
Then I attach the "myLyrics.docx" file to my song, and voila!

Love your app!


Word support ended on iOS in app version 4.2 a few weeks ago, and Word documents were never supported on the other platforms, so I wouldn't recommend that.

You could export as a PDF with a nonstandard (long) page size, but I wouldn't recommend that either since it will break some pagination functions.

Reducing your document margins as I suggested should be fine functionally and would only leave you with the aesthetic problem of a thin black line where the page breaks are. If that's a big enough problem for you, you could use the built-in Lyrics fields, which are continuously scrolling by default, instead of attaching documents.

If you're having trouble setting auto-scroll times for attached documents, that's more likely to be related to your content not filling the last page than the small break between pages. To address that, you could adjust your line spacing so all the pages are filled with content (in other words, expand 1 1/2 pages of content so it fills 2 full pages). This isn't an issue when using the built-in Lyrics field because the "document" ends wherever the lyrics end.