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Odd Application MIDI behavior IOS app.

Started by sonicjunki, April 21, 2021, 10:51:24 AM

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After recent Bandhelper IOS 14.4.2 iPhone 12 Pro update 4.2.4 I's having some odd issues. When in a performing setlist when selecting the midi button then selecting Connect to a Bluetooth Device the window that used to appear no longer does. then after clicking done the window/view appears with BLUETOOTH MIDI DEVICES, I can see my midi device and when selecting to connect to it doesn't change to Connected. However it seems that it does connect.

I know Arlo just did a ground up rebuild of the app. Just wondering if functionality has changed or this is a bug.

Also after trying to set the Bluetooth device in the setlist view the Bluetooth icon is grayed out as well as any other icons you have set at the top of the screen. in my case Remote control/MIDI/Live Sharing and Sync. If you go back from the setlist then view it again the Sync button will be blue but not the Bluetooth icon.


Okay, the Bluetooth device picker appears behind the MIDI status window on phones -- I see that and can fix it for the next update.

Are the top toolbar icon states correct if you don't open the Bluetooth device picker?


The display of the Bluetooth picker window should be fixed in today's version 4.2.5 release.