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Sending separate tempo and program presets to same device? Not working.

Started by greiswig, May 03, 2021, 08:42:10 AM

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Hi again,

I am trying to set up Bandhelper to send changes to my AxeFX, and although I can get either tempo presets to work OR program presets to work, I can't seem to get both. What I want is for the song to select the Program/scene (works by itself), then pause, then send the tempo via hex, e.g. F0 00 01 74 10 14 76 00 77 F7

So I set up a bunch of presets for each of those, and I'm putting two presets per song in, with the program/scene preset first. Even with a 2 second pause, it isn't getting the tempo change.

I've attached screen shots of the MIDI settings in Bandhelper that I have, if that helps. MIDI2.jpg shows the MIDI Preset Order, but you can't really see it because the line wraps. So the order I have is
1.Program Changes
2.Control Changes
3.Raw MIDI
4.Attached Presets
5.Standard MIDI File

Any help is appreciated!


Since you're putting these messages into two separate MIDI Presets and attaching both presets to the song, you would need to turn on Settings > Audio & MIDI > Send Presets Together to send them both when you select the song.

For anyone else reading this in the future: this assumes you also have Repertoire > Layouts > [layout name] > Edit Details > Send MIDI set to Song Selection, which I think greiswig does because he said "the song selects the program."


Thank you, Arlo. That is working now. Oddly, I had turned that OFF because it wasn't working before, when it was on. So maybe there is a bug that required it to be toggled?


A switch wouldn't display in the on position unless the setting is actually on, so there must have been something else about your previous setup that was giving different results.