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Add MIDI Preset to automation from master preset list

Started by Ahiru, May 31, 2021, 06:55:46 AM

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Feature request: When adding / editing a Send Specific MIDI Preset event in the song automation edit screen, in addition to listing presets previously associated with the song, provide an option to access the master list of MIDI presets and choose any from that list.  On selection it would also automatically add that preset to the end of the song's list of associated MIDI Presets.

This would be a big time-saver when editing automation and wanting to add a preset that is not already associated with the song.  Currently AFAIK to do this you need to back out of automation edit, get into the edit song screen, add the MIDI preset, then get back into the layout, re-open automation edit, and finally add the preset in automation.  (I currently do this by using the web and iOS simultaneously, but it would still be better to do it more simply in automation edit.)


Okay. I would be possible to reference a MIDI preset (or document or recording) from an automation track that isn't attached to the song, but I'm not sure that's a good idea from an organizational perspective. Adding the attachment automatically at that point seems like it could confuse people.

I think if the reasoning is that it's inconvenient to go through the steps of adding the preset, the solution should focus on that problem. (It's not necessary to leave and reenter the layout, because you can edit songs from within a layout.) If there were a use case that called for referencing any attachment but attaching them to songs would create a problem, I could look at this again.