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Default values per setlist

Started by Snuf, May 05, 2021, 09:37:36 PM

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It would be nice to set default setting records in the setlist itself.
I want to create a set called for instance:

Set +bass (if there is no bass player) 2nd recording
Set +guit (if there is no guitar player) 3rd recording

At rehearsal often bandmembers are not there and i can easily start a rehearsal playlist with the right recording.

Fir now i'll change it in general but you can forget about it sometimes


I don't think you would want to maintain multiple copies of the same set list, where the only difference is the default recording number. From that perspective, it's better to have this setting separate from the set list.


I was thinking the same thing but on seeing your reply, I would probably agree.
Instead, I'd love an optional (as usual) "Defaults" toolbar button, with that setting remembered per Project.  At least for choosing the default Recording but other folks may like Document/Midi as well.  So a Defaults dialogue from that button, with the chosen defaults also remembered per Project, as I imagine they are already (I never checked).

I'd love to see perhaps the initals of the current project up there too.  I'm often having to back-up to check.  Ok, several times a week.