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Change the order documents / Set-list

Started by 7rancois, February 25, 2023, 12:51:39 PM

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Is it possible to change the viewing order of documents according to the set-list ?

For example
- Set-list A: I am an instrumentalist, I only want to see pdf documents with chord grids
- Set-list B: I am a singer, I only want to see the lyrics.
Of course, with the same account and the same user.
P.S. All my songs have lyrics (with chord pro) and a pdf document containing the chord grid, and always in the same order.


You would not want to create two duplicate set lists for this purpose. Instead, you could simply change Settings > General Settings > Defaults > Document for one situation or the other.

You said "with the same account and the same user," but it sounds like you're talking about two different users, so see also "HOW CAN I SET UP MY ACCOUNT SO EACH BAND MEMBER SEES HIS OR HER OWN DOCUMENT FOR EACH SONG" in the FAQ: