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Send Additional MIDI Presets... two levels deep?

Started by Ahiru, May 09, 2021, 03:58:33 PM

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For organizing MIDI presets (and retaining the ability to have a single song selection 'setup' preset, I may want to define presets like the following:

Preset-A  - Sends some MIDI command A
Preset-B  - Sends some MIDI command B
Preset-C  - Sends some MIDI command C
Preset-D  - Sends some MIDI command D

Preset-G1 - Defined with "Send Additional Presets" field listing Preset-A and Preset-B
Preset-G2 - Defined with "Send Additional Presets" field listing Preset-C and Preset-D

Preset-All - Defined with "Send Additional Presets" field listing Preset-G1 and Preset-G2

I've tried this and including Preset-All in a song automation seems to work as expected, resulting in expanding all the groups and sending MIDI commands.  But checking: Is there any risk in doing this I should consider?


These are the only potential problems I can think of:

1) If you need a delay between the portions of a MIDI preset, that would mean that each new layer of presets would multiply the total delay. But typically the delay is so small that even multiplying it by 3x or 4x wouldn't be an issue. If it were, and you were able to set the MIDI Preset Order to send attached presets first, that should eliminate it.

2) If you accidentally created an infinite loop among the attached presets (preset A calls preset B, preset B calls preset C, preset C calls preset A) that would likely crash the app.


Thanks Arlo!  I think both of those risks will be minimal for my use case.