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Faders for Reverb and Delayintensity

Started by Mario Malidus, May 16, 2021, 02:51:34 AM

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Mario Malidus

Hi all!

Need your opinions / recommends to solve one main Problem:

Years ago I did my performances with a macbook running mainstage. The main pro of this setup was that i did have instant Value Faders for Reverb, Delay and other Functions.

So now in Bandhelper (or other apps) there is midi integration but only in absolute values. Now i have several buttons for one reverb which are changing the intensity - not a good workaround!

How would you realise individual fadersettings for midi sysex for each song?

I know that i could run two different apps, one for the lyrics one as a mixercontroller. But then how can I sync the values for each song? and mainly i want to change the intensity on the fly, but also to be stored as value when i move to the next song.
So for that when i came to the same song at the next gig it should be stored like i left it at last.

I have a feature requested years ago to do some fader implementation in bandhelper. Maybe there is a other way to do this?

looking forward for any ideas / help...

Regards, Mario