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Monitor a MIDI CC value on BandHelper?

Started by Ahiru, May 29, 2021, 05:17:55 AM

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Does anyone know of a way to visually monitor a MIDI CC value when running BandHelper on iOS?

I know this is pretty far outside expected functionality, but just wondering if someone knows of some clever way to do this.

My particular use case example: my guitar modeler can emit a MIDI CC that indicates (indirectly) current volume pedal setting.  It would be nice to see that displayed on my iPad as an alternative to the text on the modeler screen, which is both tiny and behind me.  Maybe there are other 'monitoring' use cases that would be handy to have on the display that's already in front of us.


I can't think of anything, especially since the remote control functionality for MIDI input only supports some specific messages. But creating a custom MIDI control surface as a part of a layout is on my wish list, and I can add display fields to that idea.