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List of MIDI Presets used in groups of Presets?

Started by Ahiru, May 05, 2021, 07:57:30 AM

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The standard MIDI Presets screen is great for reporting which songs use each defined MIDI preset.

However, I have some presets that are just groups of other presets (using the 'Send Additional Presets' option). 

For example Song-X might use Preset-A, which is defined as sending Preset-1 and Preset-2.  From the MIDI Presets screen it is not apparent that Song-X is using Preset-1 and Preset-2; only that Song-X is using Preset-A.

Is there a way to get a listing of individual preset memberships in these 'grouped' presets, even if through some raw file?

(I need this for overhauling some guitar effects presets, so I'll know what song(s) would be affected by a change to a given preset.)


Adding this to the MIDI preset edit page is on my wish list and I'll add a vote for you. Meanwhile, you can go to the Repertoire > MIDI Presets page of the website and click the Export button at the bottom to get a spreadsheet that includes the names of linked presets.


Thanks Arlo, that Export is very helpful (I didn't notice it before)!

For your wish list item, referencing my example above, it would be great if a Song-X showed it was using Preset-1 & Preset-2 (even though it's an indirect reference through Preset-A).



The new app versions released today, and the website, now list MIDI presets as well as songs that use a preset, on the MIDI preset edit page.

I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for because you were talking about recursively listing the presets used by a song. With your example, on the MIDI preset edit page for Preset-A, you could look at the Used By list to see Song-X, and could look at the Send Additional Presets list to see Preset-1 and Preset-2, and could infer that Song-X uses Preset-1 and Preset-2.

What's new is that on the MIDI preset edit page for Preset-1 and Preset-2, you will see Preset-A in the Used By list, where previously nothing would be listed.


Thanks Arlo!  I think that will be helpful when editing a preset, particularly to avoid tricky maintanance issues where a preset is used by both a song and also by other presets.

Short additional response: For my use case (which is probably an outlier!), I'm probably better off just maintaining a spreadsheet to document song / preset usage.

Longer explanation, if interested in the use case:

I've now made heavy use of BH's recursive MIDI preset inclusion ability, down to three levels in some cases.  I've found it to be a great tool for organizing these presets into easily manageable groups for controlling my mixer, keyboards, and guitar effects (particularly since many changes involve multiple CCs and/or PCs to get the job done, including nuances like temporary volume & effects changes for the guitar.).

I've evolved to just maintaining a separate spreadsheet to document which songs use which presets, so there's less of a need to see what songs use what presets in BH.  I can sort my spreadsheet by guitar preset to see what songs might be affected if I tweak a particular presets, or sort by song to see what presets a song will use.

So the capability that would really replace what I'm maintaining by spreadsheet would be to completely recurse / expand all the presets used by each song and list them in the main MIDI Presets web page, in the Songs column.  (Before I started using heavy preset recursion, I used to scrape that page and plop it into a spreadsheet, which worked very well.)

Moreover, I sometimes leave a preset included as part of a song definition in case I might want to use it in the future, but not currently reference that preset in the song's automation.  (That reduces the steps involved in adding into the automation if I choose to do so later.)  So there would also be value in excluding such presets (those referenced in the song definition, but not actually used in the song's automation) from the list.

I don't expect many others to be interested in something this complex to implement, so I'll stick with maintaining my spreadsheet! ;D  Nevertheless, thanks for listening, and I do think this recent change will be helpful to me and others.

PS: This triggered another thought about making it easier to add a preset to automation, which I'll start as a new thread...