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Using Dropbox when downloading PDFs into Set List Maker documents

Started by Jonnyhobbo, May 26, 2021, 12:05:50 PM

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Using Set List Maker last year, before the new version, I used to transfer all PDFs into Dropbox from where I'd add them as needed when adding documents into Set List maker. Since the changes when looking to add a document the only locations Se tList maker offers are iCloud drive or files on my iPad; Dropbox is not included as it used to be. Is this correct, and must everything now go through iCloud, or have I just missed the way to involve Dropbox in the process?


This has happened to a few users lately and seems to be a problem on the Dropbox side. You can make sure you have the latest Dropbox version and are logged in to it, but you might have to reinstall Dropbox.