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Question and suggestion regaring “notes” and “More”

Started by Neill00, May 26, 2021, 11:04:57 AM

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I'm startiing to look into the idea of squeezing some more use out of the notes feature since it can be triggered via automation which I am already using to scroll lyrics.

First I've noticed that if I don't have a "Notes" or "More" Button in my layout, the notes pop up dead middle of the screen, is there a way to adjust this?  I can control where they pop up by adding a "Notes" or "More" button to the layout but then if the notes contain more than 2 lines it shows all the lines for a split second and then the bottom lines disappear and I can only read the top 2 lines. 

I like the idea of having a "More" button in my layout as it not only gives me a button to activate and deactivate notes during automation recording but it also doesn't take up much room with the 3 dots icon and looks nice and tidy.  I'd like to get more use out of it ie; pulling up recording controls etc when needed but I don't know how assign non-showing buttons into the "More" button.

As I am thinking about this "Notes" idea it would be nice if there was some way to create more notes or maybe put bracketed numbers to the notes so that I could have "Note 1" automate at a certain time and "Note 2" at another.  My drummer likes to add all these queues right into the lyrics. I think this would be tidier. 

Subsequently if there was a way to show/hide custom fields in the automation I could probably accomplish everything I need to , assuming that if I stack the custom field boxes on top of each other in the layout and then automate show custom field 1 or 2 or 3 that that pariticular custom note would show up in that location.


The More button will automatically include any buttons that aren't directly in the layout. However, this only includes single, song-related buttons like MIDI Button, Notes Button, Recording Button ... not the recording controls or transpose buttons, for example.

You can't control the position of the Notes popup if you don't include a button for it in the layout.

The Notes popup should adjust to fit its content and should be scrollable if there is still too much content to fit. Please submit a help ticket if you see a problem with that.

There's no way to add multiple notes or scroll within notes using automation tracks. Alternatives would be to attach multiple documents and switch between those with automation tracks, or add different sections to your Lyrics and jump  (scroll) between those with automation tracks. You can use the personal lyrics field to allow one person to just see lyrics while another person sees all those automated cues.


Thanks for the clarification Arlo.  Now that I understand how the "more" button works I can plan out my ayout accordingly, I'm just looking to tidy it up. 

I don't think I'll be able to do what I was hoping with the "notes" so no point in putting in the ticket.  I can still utilize it if there is just a single reminder in the song that I want to bring attention to. I'll just keep it the notes short and simple.