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Can't delete user says tied to one event but I have no events

Started by JeffsRealm, June 10, 2021, 07:43:30 PM

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So we had a member decide to leave tonight. I went to delete his account. It says it cant because he is tied to 1 event. However I have no events, I have never set any up. It is possible another member has but I selected show everything this member is tied to, all categories, 10 years prior and 10 years in the future and I get nothing. No events.

Exact message I get is
You cannot delete the user because it has been selected by 1 events. You can, however, deactivate the user to prevent it from being selected again. (631)

I did deactivate him but I do want him gone to make room for new members.  I also went to try the batch update remove users, oddly he doesn't show up in the list


I do see one event in your account, from May 15 of this year, with all users selected. You have two projects, so maybe you're looking at the other project. In any case, I recommend deactivating instead of deleting the user to keep all your past data intact. Inactive users don't count against your total.


Thanks, however this is still interesting and maybe an issue just a FYI. I double checked as I was sure I did check both projects last night. I went back and forth, logged in logged out this was all in the web interface. So for what ever reason it was not showing. I went into every drop down selected every option, I used both calendar and list view, unselected every option, used the checkbox show all projects again nothing. Then when I hit the reset button suddenly it showed up. I did remove him and leave the event if you needed any testing or anything. Again not sure what reason I couldn't see the event. I should have tried the app last night as well i wasn't thinking.

Then thanks, yeah if this guy was any form of normal decent human, I probably would just disable him. This guy signed in 2 times ever since February when I added him, caused a lot of issues, then quit in a spectacular way. Since we had no financial records, data, and never even basically used anything with him, the band collectively decided to purge all memory this guy even existed. (Yeah it was that bad)


It sounds like you had an event filter set, but I can't verify that now that the filters have been reset. From my end, there's no need to keep the event if you don't need it. I'm sorry for the band drama!