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Editing Automation via web interface?

Started by Ahiru, June 14, 2021, 12:15:39 PM

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Just curious: what prevents offering the ability to edit song Automation files from the web interface?

When doing a lot of maintenance on Automation files and MIDI Presets, there's a lot of edit on the web, sync the iPad, edit on the iPad, sync again, repeat.  If you could edit on the web seems like it would make things easier.  I suppose recording some events into Automation wouldn't make sense except on the target mobile platform (for accurate scrolling, etc.), but a lot of other events could be edited and added without needing active lyrics display, playing backing tracks, etc.


I didn't add this originally because none of the functions an automation track controls are available on the website, so you wouldn't be able to record or play back automation tracks on the website. You could add events manually and adjust timing, and the only thing preventing that is the number of other things on my to do list. For now, this is on my wish list and I'll add a vote for you.



I'd love to add a vote for this.  I am currently adding in DMXIS cues using MIDI Presets and it is working well but to edit the automation track is really tricky due to a couple of things....

1. Having to +/- through the time stamp.  I know when I want the event to take place - it would be great if I could type it in :-)

2. I kind of want to duplicate that the event is a "Load Specific Midi Preset" and change which preset and the time - that's it - in my head it would be cool if it was a sort of spreadsheet view of the automation track with events that can be duplicated and edited - including typing in values as in 1.

Thanks for considering this - until then it is slow progress!



I'd like to add a vote for this, as well, please.



I'll add a vote for this as well.  Especially being able to add an event and type in the time stamp.


Oh Yes!!! +1 for me as well. It would make my work truly a lot easier and for all, faster!