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Song lyrics question

Started by TcRoc, July 02, 2021, 06:35:34 AM

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My singer is having a problem with his personal lyrics appearing on certain songs.
All his lyrics will save in the edit details area of song but the only  time they will appear for him via looking at set list is if a document tab is highlighted. This is the thing, the songs he is having issues with are songs I have personal chords in... any song i dont have any persoanl notes his personal lyrics will appear.

I'm at a loss ,, I went thru his ipad last night and see exaclty what he means... I have no personal notes on a song his personal lyrics appear in set list area. I have a personal notes on a song he can save his personal lyrics but they dont show in setlist for him.. go back to his edit details and the lyrics are there.

What is am I missing?


Please submit a help ticket:

Then navigate to a page where the problem is visible, click the Help button in the top toolbar, select Send Screen Shot and enter your ticket ID.

Then click Help again, select Send Troubleshooting Info and enter your ticket ID.


My singer is going to submit as he can hopefully screenshot issue from his tablet. I can't figure it out and everything looks right