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Download Missing Files

Started by dr_rollo, March 22, 2024, 09:47:43 AM

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I've set up a new device and the synch didn't not completing everything. A lot of files were missing, what is actually no problem, because when selecting a song, andf the file is missing, it ask you if you like to download. the missing file Howver, there is an option under Synchronization "Download Missing Files". I would expect that all missing files were downloaded when selecting it. But it doesn't seems so. Anyone else have the same experience? I like to avoid to check all Songs individually, or run into an issue when using the app offsite my home where eventually no WLAN is available.


Please submit a help ticket if you want to troubleshoot that. You can include an example of the problem, then send the troubleshooting info from a device that has the problem.


It's actually not necessary to submit a ticket. Just for understanding of that feature because I've sometimes wondering if this option does what it's expecting to should. After giving the sync option some time, it seems that all missing files were downloaded. Maybe I've been impatient sometimes ;)