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Recordings control from the web (wish)

Started by JerryK, July 12, 2021, 09:43:15 AM

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Can I please wish for the ability to also control the Recording parameters from a web page?

If all of the parameters around a recording are propagated to the other members, then they must pass through the web and your servers.  So is it possible to do all of that from a web page?  I'm a little surprised that it's a tablet task at all since it affects everyone.  It's quite a pest to hop back and forth between songs and recordings on the iPad to set things up as needed, adjusting/changing the key or levels and trimming.  It seems to me that it could be done on a web page while leaving the song active on the tablet(s).
While we're there, how about changing pitch, perhaps temporarily, from the song's Play page on a tablet?  Probably tracking the #/b keys, just locally?

Thanks for listening.


If you're viewing a song in a set list and you want to adjust the recording settings, you can click the edit button (pencil icon) in the bottom toolbar to open the song edit page, then click the recording name on that page to open the recording edit page. That should be faster than going back and forth between the app and the website.

Temporary pitch shift controls are on my wish list. It's a matter of taking up space in the layout for something that is less likely to be temporary than, say, the speed controls, which you might move back and forth while practicing.


Fair points.
I do think the web is a more intuitive place to set Recordings parameters for everyone. I think of the tablet as a place to edit only when the web is not available.
Recordings can already be played from other web screens but not the Recording page.  It would seem a natural extension to trim and do the rest from the web. 

Thanks for the edit tip.  I'd never thought to try that.

Also, when changing key (#/b) on-the-fly, it seems most likely to me that you'd want the chords on the screen and the pitch of the recording to track each other, maybe for a guest singer as a one-off.  Maybe the Recording is a backing track.  Otherwise, perhaps a long-press on sharp or flat to choose which should move?  No extra buttons required.



A website can't do pitch-shifting, so assuming you want to preview your recording playback after changing the pitch-shift settings, you'd need to do that from the app anyway.

I don't think it's a given that you would want to pitch-shift a recording when you transpose chords. If someone is transposing because they use a capo, but the actual key isn't changing, or if you're using the recording as a reference but not a backing track, you wouldn't want it to change. Or if you have multiple recordings, would they all change? I think it's better to keep that as a separate function that you can control directly.