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IK Blueturn paging

Started by rbw747, July 14, 2021, 09:33:25 AM

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Hi, I'm trying to setup an IK Blueturn with Bandhelper. I have my lyrics either as pdf attachments or in the lyrics section. I have set previous/next screen and previous/next page to up/down arrow but the result is both the pdf page and the screen move directly to the last page or screen. Up arrow moves directly back to the top. What have I missed?



You shouldn't use the Previous/Next Screen and Previous/Next Page actions at the same time -- just pick one pair of previous/next actions or the other. Does that help?


Thanks Arlo, I was assuming screen would apply to the lyrics screen and page would apply to a pdf. I've tried both and each way seems to work so can't help wondering what the difference is?


Previous/Next Screen scrolls by the height of the screen, while Previous/Next Page scrolls to the top of the previous or next page.

For lyrics, each screen height is considered a page, so the result is the same -- unless you add markers to your lyrics, then those are treated as the starts of pages.

For documents, the result is different -- unless you select the Fit To Height option in the document viewer so that one complete page is shown on the screen at a time.