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MIDI Clock problem with AUM

Started by soundog, September 09, 2021, 05:33:08 PM

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Still slogging through setup stuff here.
I'm sending MIDI clock via Ableton Link to AUM.
In my Layout, on Song Seletion I send a command to load a preset in AUM, and also start MIDI Clock.
But AUM takes a second to load everything, so it seems to be missing the beat clock info. Tempo does not get set.
If I tap on the metronome in Setlist Maker to "restart" the temp, AUM receives it and sets the correct tempo.

Is there some way to delay the clock starting to give AUM time to load everything? Or perhaps you can think of another work around?



You could send MIDI on song selection, then start the MIDI beat clock (start the tempo) on song second selection. That's a fairly common approach for doing things like starting a backing track, when you want a moment to look at the song before starting.

If you want it more automated, you could record an automation track for each song that sends the MIDI, then starts the tempo a moment later, then start the automation track from the song selection. You can set up one automation track, then copy and paste it to the other songs, but that would still be somewhat tedious to set up.


Thanks for all your help on this stuff, Arlo. I managed to get things working (with is often the way with MIDI if you bang your head enough). I did the following:

1) set up a single master AUM session that didn't require switching entire sessions for every song (which took too long for reliable clock starts)
2) used your tip to set up a "default" state for all MIDI devices, sent first as "Layout MIDI" (upon Song Selection)
3) minor tweaks, mutes, MIDI clock, etc follow, sent using per "Song MIDI" (upon Song Selection)

Now every thing is syncing to the song tempo for every song, every time.  :)