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Luminair 4 and Setlistmaker

Started by Kiff, September 07, 2021, 07:32:08 PM

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Has anyone upgraded to "Luminair 4"?
Did you find that "trigger scenes" were changed to subscription?
Are you still able to use everything you had in version 3?
I am still having difficulty with midi setlistmaker to Luminair and would really appreciate
a working scenario with Luminair 4 if anyone would share.
Kiff (kiwi)


Apologies for not being more helpful but...  I found Luminair 3 so 'fiddly' that once I had it working well for my setup, I avoided updating it, ever.  (I treat the iPad it runs on as a dedicated Luminair 3 'appliance'.)  If you don't need what is in v4, maybe it is best to stay with what worked in v3?


Thanks Ahiru,
Far as I can tell I can't go back to version 3, so I guess it's the subscription for me, they really are greedy.