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Sending MIDI Preset on Song Selection: "if no changes, don't send"??

Started by soundog, September 07, 2021, 08:33:43 PM

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I have a complex setup that involves loading samples and presets on external devices and AUM software sessions.

In SLM, I have MIDI presets assigned to songs. The presets send upon Song Selection. Most of my presets are my "default" setup, with occasional odd ducks songs that require other sample and software loads. So, part of a song list might look like:

- Song 1 with presets Group A (default)
- Song 2 with presets Group A (default)
- Song 3 with presets Group A (default)
- Song 4 with presets Group B (odd duck)
- Song 5 with presets Group A (default)
- Song 6 with presets Group A (default)

If I sequentially select these songs, commands are issued for Group A settings when they aren't required (they're already in effect so no changes are required). Is there some way to set things up so MIDI presets are only issued if they are different from the previous song?


No, Set List Maker doesn't have a function like that.

Is it a problem to send messages that aren't required?

You could assign your default preset to your layout instead of all your default songs, then only the "odd duck" songs would send MIDI, and when you want to revert to your default you could send that layout-level preset. But then you'd have to remember to do that after every "odd duck" song.


OK, thanks. If you're ever bored  ;), please consider adding a function to send a MIDI preset(s) from the current song when a next Song Selection occurs. So .... a set of commands could be sent when a song is closed rather than opened.


Well actually, if you're still talking about a "reset" or "default" preset, you can attach that to your layout, then edit your layout details and set Send Layout MIDI to Song Selection. Then when you select a song, the layout presets will be sent, followed by the new song's presets. Would that address your situation?

Note the slight difference between sending these at the start of the next song versus at the end of the previous song, so it wouldn't work for something like resetting vocal effects so you can talk to the audience between songs.


I'll experiment with this today .... working on a songlist and layout for a weekend gig today. I'll let you know how it goes, thanks.


"...then when you select a song, the layout presets will be sent, followed by the new song's presets."

I am not seeing this on my setup; most of the time the layout presets are getting mixed in with the new song's presets.


Are you using "with delay between" on the Settings > Audio & MIDI page? If you're delaying part of the MIDI preset, that could cause the presets to become mixed. It would send the first part of the layout preset, then the first part of the song preset, then the second part of the layout preset, then the second part of the song preset, etc. If the delay is 0, you should get all the layout preset followed by all the song preset.