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Custom fields font size

Started by BobbyDazzler59, September 27, 2021, 04:39:41 PM

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Using Set List Maker
Am running a special layout for a one off charity gig and sharing my rig with one other with me hopping onto guitar and back to keys as needed and 2nd person stepping in on keys. (Not my usual set up which is ok and only used by me). I have created 2 custom fields displaying on screen one for guitar setup/pedal setting and one for keyboard settings so the other player knows what keys and settings is pre-selected by midi. With the added lyric document there is little space on the screen and the custom fields are large font and partially covered by the lyric page. I am using the split view by the way.
Question is, How do you change the font size of the custom fields?. I can change the label size and sw that on/off but cannot find the sizing for the field content.


When editing your layout, you can resize single-line custom fields and the font size will change to match the height of the field. You should see that change in real time as you resize the field, assuming you are viewing a song that has content for that field.

You can also click one of the bottom toolbar fields and select your custom field to appear there, if that standard font size is large enough for you (the font size of the bottom toolbar fields is not customizable).